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Is there sunshine ahead for cloud computing?  

The global cloud-computing market is expected to reach $241 billion in 2020, up from $41 billion in 2010, according to Forrester Research. That long-term potential is reflected in the highflying stocks of companies actively involved in the concept.

A stumbling block, however, is concern over the security of data when a client firm can no longer control it on its own premises. Hackers and crashed systems are, after all, among a company’s worst nightmares.

And while the cloud is a definite boon to smaller firms, more established companies have already made significant investments in equipment and staffing. There is also confusion over what cloud computing really is and who provides it.

The field’s successful pioneer is Inc., a well-managed company that over the last decade effectively introduced this cost-saving business model. It offered a monthly subscription service that allowed firms to simply go to their Web browsers, point to and begin using it. That turned out to be a good financial deal for its clients as well as for its shareholders.

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Written by Guru Kirthigavasan

July 31st, 2011 at 6:20 am

Today – Microsoft Launches Dynamics CRM Online  

Driving through Microsoft campus this morning, I found slick green banners flying all over that talked about Dynamics CRM On-Demand and here is the news about Microsoft unveiling its latest CRM Online software.

CRM On-Demand is a very crowded market and Microsoft is set to take-on directly this time. I’m sure its going to turn out as a much better experience for the customers.

Here’s the news snippet. For more check out the Press Release

Microsoft Corp. today announced the general availability of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, an on-demand customer relationship management service hosted and managed by Microsoft. The new Internet service delivers a full suite of marketing, sales and service capabilities through a Web browser or directly into Microsoft Office and Outlook.

It provides “instant-on” access to businesses that want a full-featured CRM solution with no IT infrastructure investment or setup required. Businesses can learn more about Microsoft’s strategy for delivering next-generation CRM solutions from a new webcast being launched today at, featuring Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and Martha Rogers from the Peppers and Rogers Group.

“At Microsoft, we’re revolutionizing how companies deploy marketing, sales and service solutions to users within their organization,” said Brad Wilson, general manager of Microsoft Dynamics CRM at Microsoft. “Microsoft Dynamics CRM delivers the power of choice to customers, with a familiar and productive user experience and a multitenant platform that enables fast on-premise implementations or ‘instant-on’ deployments over the Internet.”

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online reinforces Microsoft’s broad software plus services strategy for delivering integrated business solutions over the Internet, and it is a part of Microsoft’s multibillion-dollar investment in global datacenters. In addition to full access through a zero-footprint browser client, the new service delivers marketing, sales and service information within a native Microsoft Office experience, integrated with the desktop tools that employees already use every day, enabling businesses to ramp up end-user adoption and productivity rapidly.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is initially packaged in two service offerings:

• Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Professional delivers a full suite of CRM capabilities with extensive configurability and extensibility options. Businesses get 5 GB of data storage, 100 configurable workflows and 100 custom entities. The Professional edition is priced at $44 per user per month, with an introductory offer of $39 per user, per month.

• Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Professional Plus delivers all the capabilities of the Professional version plus offline data synchronization with expanded data storage, workflow and customization options that give businesses 20 GB of data storage, 200 configurable workflows and 200 custom entities. The Professional Plus edition is priced at $59 per user per month.

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Written by Guru Kirthigavasan

May 14th, 2008 at 7:16 pm

Informatica On-Demand for Salesforce  

Informatica Corporation (Nasdaq: INFA), the leading independent provider of
data integration software, today announced the Informatica On Demand (IOD)
Data Loader Service for Salesforce, the newest addition to its Software as
a Service (SaaS) offerings. The IOD Data Loader Service is a bi-directional
integration offering that allows Salesforce administrators to automate many
Salesforce integration processes such as synchronizing account information
with other applications, creating back office orders from closed
opportunities, and loading leads. In addition to eliminating manual coding
efforts, the IOD Data Loader is entirely web-based, and removes the need
for on-premise software or hardware appliances. The announcement was made
today at Dreamforce Europe’s User and Developer Conference.

This new offering is simple and easy-to-use, allowing customers to
increase their operational efficiencies by automating many time consuming
and error prone integration tasks. The IOD Data Loader extends the
capabilities of’s Dataloader by:

— Adding an intuitive web based integration wizard
— Automating the scheduling of integration jobs
— Providing direct access to relational databases
— Transforming data through a drag and drop web interface
— Importing and exporting Salesforce Dataloader maps

More from the Press Release.

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Written by Guru Kirthigavasan

May 7th, 2008 at 8:12 am