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Informatica teams up with NYPD

Real-time dashboard is accessible by 115 detective squads and eight investigative-response vans working on homicides, shootings and other serious cases.

Informatica Corporation today announced that the New York City Police Department (NYPD) has successfully implemented enterprise data integration technology from Informatica to help power its highly successful Real Time Crime Center. Credited with helping detectives solve 74 percent of New York City’s homicides in 2005, the Real Time Crime Center delivers up-to-the-minute information regarding emerging crime patterns, potential suspects, and a real- time view of police resources and their availability throughout the city.

“Informatica has helped place unprecedented crime-fighting capabilities into the hands of the NYPD — capabilities that were unthinkable just two years ago. Before the creation of the Real Time Crime Center, it would take hours or days to access the wealth of information now available to detectives within minutes,” said Deputy Commissioner V. James Onalfo, Chief Information Officer, NYPD. “As the data integration backbone of the Real Time Crime Center, Informatica PowerCenter helps turn immense amounts of raw data from disparate sources into a cohesive and understandable ‘big picture’ that is immediately leverageable by detectives in the field.”

And that’s a way to go.