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Interviewing IBM’s Rob Ashe

Some interesting discussion over the intersection of Business Intelligence and SaaS with Rob Ashe, GM of business intelligence and performance management unit.

BI doesn’t lend itself to SaaS. Every company is different because even if transaction systems are the same, the decisionmaking process is different. Unlike Netsuite or a CRM application where everyone does the same basic things, BI uses a different model every company. The one to many model doesn’t work. That being said, there are other aspects of SaaS that make sense for BI. These SaaS vendors accumulate data. We have 30 OEMs that use SaaS offerings to share to reflect data back to customer.

BI isn’t plumbing. Key to making SaaS work is the multitenant environment. Our product can be used in a multitenant environment so you can apply business intelligence. We participate in the SaaS marketplace from the dashboarding side.

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iPartners SaaS Business Intelligence System

More on the Software as a Service BI system for Insurance companies at Insurance News Net -

Key to the benefits is the ready availability of both summary information and the details of specific activities. “Using reports from the iPartners Insurance Scorecard, our marketing executives can sit down with our brokers and show them, for example, the specifics of why we are declining business. This helps brokers identify prospects and policies that are acceptable,” says Hernandez. “It reduces our cost of doing business, and it increases our potential for competitive quotes on business that does fit.”

Majestic’s marketing executives and its brokers both have 24/7 access to information generated by the Scorecard. “When they make agency calls, our marketing executives can have substantial discussions rather than dealing in generalities. They can speak to successes as well as to areas where improvement is needed,” Hernandez says.