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SAS 2007 Total Revenue Up 15%

Well that’s generally a good news for BI industry especiall the upcoming modelling business. Read More -

Business Intelligence (BI) provider SAS reported a 15% increase in its total revenue for 2007, bringing its total revenue for the year to USD 2.15 billion and citing the intense demand for analytics-powered BI as the primary reason for its growth.

BI applications accounted for 29 percent of SAS’ 2007 revenue.

“We are not seeing a downward trend,” Goodnight noted.

”Our enterprise intelligence platform, deep analytics and industry solutions set us apart from other BI vendors that specialise in query and reporting applications.”

Asia Pacific was seen as the strongest performing region, more than doubling in size in the past five years, according to SAS. The region contributed 11 percent to the worldwide revenue with 322 new customers in 2007.