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BI the Answer to Supplier/Supply Chain Management?

Short and Interesting Post by Jason Busch -

There are a few reasons why the nirvana of BI supplier and supply chain visibility is most certainly a noble objective, but one that is unlikely to ever fully take hold outside of a few very expensive, highly customized implementations. For one, BI tools (especially those we think of, which are tied to an underlying data warehouse) mimic the inflexible characteristics of the ERP systems, which generate the data that we need to analyze. In other words, once you “pour the enterprise-data concrete” so to speak, such systems become rigid and unbending and make it difficult to rapidly adopt new data sources into an analysis. Perhaps there’s a new third-party data enrichment that you want to add (one not supported or resold by your BI vendor), or maybe you’ve acquired a new facility from a supplier that is running a different ERP environment. Good luck rapidly adding these new data sources into any BI model.

Oracle releases PeopleSoft Enterprise 9

PeopleSoft 9, a series of three application modules, marks one of Oracle’s three major 2006 initiatives following its acquisitions of PeopleSoft, Siebel Systems and a host of smaller software makers. Oracle aims to reassure PeopleSoft users who were concerned that the software giant would force them to switch to Oracle’s own set of applications.

PeopleSoft 9 is being introduced in phases. The release of Learning Management 9.0 marks the first phase. This module will focus on offering certification and regulatory compliance support.

PeopleSoft Enterprise Performance Management, the next module scheduled for release, is expected to debut later this summer or early fall. Financial and human capital management components are also set to be released by the end of the year.

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