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For the future of big data startups – look Facebook

For any startups trying to divine where the big data space is headed and where to focus their energies, there are worse places to look than Facebook. The company collects a lot of data, and in order to handle that data it has created, among other things, the Cassandra NoSQL data store and the Hive query language for Hadoop. Its Hadoop cluster currently stores more than 100 petabytes of user data. If there’s a good idea for an application to make big data technologies even more useful, chances are Facebook is already working on it.

via For the future of big data startups, look to Facebook — Data | GigaOM.

VMware’s vSphere 4, OS for the Cloud

VMWare VSphere 4

The cloud computing space is getting heated-up. VMWare’s latest major update to their existing ESX server will be an addition to the portfolio of cloud computing software.

VMware on April 21 launched vSphere 4, a major update to its ESX Server hypervisor, declaring it to be the first operating system specifically engineered for cloud computing. It is the first major upgrade to the product since 2006.

vSphere 4 amounts to a rebuild of VMware’s core virtualization platform. Fundamentally, it combines virtual resources in the data center into one centrally managed pool of computing power. It will be made available in the second quarter of 2009, the company said.

vSphere 4′s second purpose is to facilitate delivery of IT infrastructure as a service to enterprises, so IT departments can build their own private cloud systems to provide business services internally for the company and for trusted partners, supply chain participants and other business associates.

From eWeek’s article.