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about this blog.

3 years of BI Blogging!

Incidentally, this blog completes its third year of existence today. Tons of things have changed around me professionally and personally. My belief in what BI could do to change the world hasn’t changed a bit.

Three years and tons of hours of dealing with data growth, data issues and design challenges has only increased my interest towards the art & science of Business Intelligence. Three Cheers!

P.S – Here’s the first post made on June 21, 2006(a rainy day in seattle then and now).

Its been some time…

since this blog was updated. Nearly a month and a half of seperation only was possible because a frantic pace of a project at work. Not because of lack of interest. But because of lack of available time. However professional I wanted to be with the updation of this blog, life seems to have an effect on the availability of time.

It’s summer and hence weekends are filled with busy trips to places of interest. Blame it on my new Camry that has nearly kept me out of the house for the last few weeks.

Though I am saving blogging for the rainy days, the BI world seems to march ahead. And to keep pace with it’s stride, its necessary to keep this weblog updated. I’m planning to capture atleast the most important news that happens in the BI world, everyday. And that seems to be a long drawn dream.


The world of Business Intelligence as of today, is damn exciting. The enterprises are moving towards more BI deployments. The vendors are employing more resources to churn out better BI tools and applications. And the extent to which Business Intelligence is playing a quintessential role in business today, excites me as a BI professional. It freaks me out sometimes!!

Ever since I got into the Business Intelligence world, I’ve been eyeballing the BI news sites for updates on BI initiatives and product roll-outs. While there are numerous resources on the net, there is no all-encompassing blog just for Business Intelligence. Business Intelligence bloggers are sometimes too specific to their areas of specialty and the big picture goes missing.

Being a blogger myself for nearly 6 years now, I was hoping to create a niche Business Intelligence Blog for some time. Couple of months back, before this The BI Blog came into existence, I created And I’ve been playing with the templates to make it simpler. Yeah, Minimalist is the way to go. Finally, I concluded with the name, The Business Intelligence Blog or The BI Blog. Few of my colleagues also agreed that was much simpler than In less than 2 hours after the decision, was bought, I hosted WordPress and kick-started the blog. Just to show, how easy it is to setup a blog. The tough part is to to keep it going.

Professionally I’ve been working on BI for nearly 7 years now (hey, its 2006 when I’m writing this). I’ve implemented Business Intelligence for enterprises and worked with some very interesting analytics. Right from designing BI systems to deploying and maintaining them, its always been a pleasure to work although the volume of data out there, still ready to be analyzed is just baffling. Oh!! Yeah, let me state the obvious, this blog has nothing to do with my employer or any of their clients. Whatever that’s written here are my personal opinions and comments.

This BI blog has a very simple motive. It’s just a BI guy’s enthusiasm to chronicle the exciting period of Business Intelligence technology, as it stands today. So hop on and let’s attempt to blog the next big stride of Business Intelligence.