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Big data: Big hype or big hope?

An indepth look into big data from an australian perspective, well written.

Over one third (37.8 percent) of US businesses have already invested in big data, ahead of Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), which is at 26.8 percent; APAC, which is on 25.6 percent; and Latin America, which is at a distant fourth, with 17.8 percent.

However, Asian businesses show plenty of big data ambition, and a further 44.7 percent will invest in the next two years, lifting the APAC adoption rate to the same proportions as the US, and comfortably ahead of EMEA.

Industries furthest down the investment path are media and communications (35 percent have invested), banking (34 percent), and services (32 percent), while government (16 percent) and utilities (17 percent) are laggards.

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