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ETI Does Hassle-Free Data Integration  

One data integration veteran may be worth a second look. Evolutionary Technology International (ETI) was founded 18 years ago, and unlike many of its data integration competitors, ETI markets its own (homegrown) legacy connectivity solutions.

Getting at mainframe data, after all, is ETI’s bread-and-butter business: its ETI Solution V6 boasts connectors to a wide range of data sources, including legacy platforms of all kinds (e.g., MVS and VSE on the mainframe side, OS/400 and VMS in the minicomputer segment), Unix, Windows, Linux, and all major relational database management systems.

ETI Solution V6 bundles data profiling, data cleansing, and data monitoring facilities, along with change-data-capture capabilities.

ETI’s special sauce, says Wyatt Ciesielka, vice-president of North American sales, is its code-generation engine, which produces extracted, cleansed, and transformed data in the form of an executable compiled in a variety of languages — including C, Java, and COBOL.

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