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EntropySoft announces Content ETL 2  

Content ETL is designed to structure and industrialize the transfers and transformations between all content-repositories. Its features ensure full traceability of all movements.

Content ETL offers:
- connection to all the company’s content repositories
- graphic conception and planning of all document transfers
- documents and metadata transformation management
- delegation of transfer management to end-users

The software is using EntropySoft’s exclusive portfolio of bidirectional connectors to access the information system. Content ETL’s easy-to-use interface helps putting into end-users’ hands the planning and execution of the company’s document processes.

Inside Content ETL, two clients, Content ETL Studio and Content ETL Web, are implementing the software’s features. Content ETL Studio is for advanced users who want to graphically design and plan document processes. Content ETL Web is for all users to manage transfers on a day-to-day basis.

- From Press Release.

Unstructured data is pretty shabby(oxymoron). Very recently the ETL vendors like Informatica have started to take this into consideration. And here’s another one from EntropySoft.

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Written by Guru Kirthigavasan

May 15th, 2008 at 6:17 am

3 Responses to 'EntropySoft announces Content ETL 2'

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  1. Hi Guru,

    Thank you for taking interest in our company’s products.

    I would like to stress that this is the new version of the very first content ETL tool on the market. EntropySoft is specializing in unstructured data and has Content ETL and Content Federation tools for this. I believe Informatica is concentrating more on suctured data.

    Thank you.

    Best regards.

    Serge Guillerme
    Markeing Director – EntropySoft

    Serge Guillerme

    19 May 08 at 6:10 am

  2. Serge,

    Thanks for the note on the first content ETL took of EntropySoft.

    My reason to say that other vendors are also involved in unstructured data was because I have been using Informatica for ETL of unstructured data. I’m not sureif there are finer difference in EntropySoft’s Content ETL tool and Informatica’s version of tapping unstructured data.

    Here’s a reference to what Informatica does with unstructured data –

    Do let me know if you think its otherwise and it will benefit me to understand what your company’s tool better.

  3. Guru,

    What Informatica does here is very different from what we do: they claim to be able to go get structured data INSIDE unstructured data, ie extract structured data from an unstructured document.

    What we do has little to do with this.
    We extract / transform / load unstructured data from various repositories; we do not go inside the data to extract only part of it.

    FYI, ETL traditionally applies to structured data; our engine deals perfectly with unstructured data, which is, we believe, a technological breakthrough we try to capitalize upon !

    Best regards

    Serge Guillerme

    27 May 08 at 6:48 am

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