Monthly Archives: November 2007

Consolidation; The Inevitable

Very recently, two of the biggest Business Intelligence product companies were bought by bigger giants. That goes on the prove, the Business Intelligence arena is gaining momentum with the increasing demand for BI/Data Mining services.

Cognos was bought by IBM yesterday and three weeks ago, Business Objects was bought by the ERP giant, SAP.

From Cognos/IBM Press release

The acquisition of Cognos supports IBM’s Information on Demand strategy, a cross-company initiative announced on February 16, 2006 that combines IBM’s strength in information integration, content and data management and business consulting services to unlock the business value of information. Integrating Cognos, the 23rd IBM acquisition in support of its Information on Demand strategy, will enable new business insights to be delivered to a broader set of people across an organization, beyond the traditional users of business intelligence.

From BO/SAP Press release

Together, SAP and Business Objects intend to offer high-value solutions for process- and business-oriented professionals. The solutions will be designed to enable companies to strengthen decision processes, increase customer value and create sustainable competitive advantage through real-time, multi-dimensional business intelligence. SAP and Business Objects believe that customers will gain significant business benefits through the combination of new, innovative offerings of enterprise-wide business intelligence solutions along with embedded analytics in transactional applications. Additionally, the joint partner ecosystems will be fueled by the industry’s most powerful business process platform providing customers with the best enterprise information management platform available for SAP and non-SAP environments.

Having worked extensively with both these products, Cognos and Business Objects, I have to say its a great buy for IBM and SAP respectively. For IBM, Cognos a costly but a great BI tool is an amazing bombo with Teradata. For SAP, this will be a great addition to their ERP suite and Oracle is already huge in the BI area. We have to just wait for the next move. It’s getting to interest the on-lookers of the BI industry.