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Putting Business back in BI Initiatives

Aligning BI initiatives with the corporate strategy will probably not prove to be an easy task. It’s like trying to hit a moving target using an off-target sight. However, companies should consider ways to make the process easier. To start, take frank looks at which BI systems work and which don’t, in your present information-needs environment. Bringing the appropriate resources to the task and using a collaborative approach to getting the job done will also help. In the end, though, it will still take a lot of work and difficult decisions. Just rest assured that the end result will likely be well worth the effort.

A good read, in two parts [1 and 2]

Business Objects announce EPM Roadmap

That is something to look forward, given the great performance of BO’s recent BO XI suite of tools. Their Q2 2007 results had 23% surge in total revenue and as they go adding more tools to their umbrella, it should be a welcomed by their customers.

Business Objects EPM applications will now be fully integrated onto the BusinessObjects™ XI platform, and built around the Integrated Data Model (IDM) as the cornerstone for Enterprise Performance Management. Integrating the suite of products onto the IDM provides a complete closed-loop solution which allows managers to better control their business and optimize its performance. The IDM links all finance, compliance and performance management processes and data in a single solution, reducing overall management cycle times, the costs associated with compliance, and drives greater accuracy into the financial reporting and planning process.