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  1. Arran Gimba


    We’ve been working very hard here at On Demand Analysis developing Discover Analytics™ – our business intelligence and analysis software tool. I’m happy to say business is good and interest has been very high.

    We’re a Portland-based BI software company with a services and product component. The product is an Excel based BI tool that’s gotten great traction at some big corporations – Intel, Flir, and Suncor among them. We released version 2.0 recently, and we’re partnering with ERP vendors who use it as their front end reporting tool.

    I was hoping you could take a look at our short demo (see the included link) and give me your honest feedback. I’d also greatly appreciate it if you could post some information about our company and our product on your blog.

    Please feel free to call me or anyone here at On Demand Analysis at 503-460-0605, or 888-632-6321 with your input or questions.

    Thanks, in advance, for taking the time and I look forward to hearing your thoughts,

    All my best,

    Arran Gimba

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