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It’s boring to write about myself, especially, in first person. Here is a alternate view to the bio without having it to look like my resume -

The author of this blog is Guru S Kirthigavasan. During the last decade as a software consultant, Guru has been specializing in enterprise-wide Business Intelligence solutions including Distributed Data Warehouses, Data Modelling and OLAP Reporting. He currently(since 2008) works for Online Advertising division of Microsoft Corporation.

Guru enjoys books, movies, future technology and robots. He also writes a personal blog, scribbles of a lazygeek for the last 8 years and lives at Bellevue, Washington. You can reach him at guru[at]g2b2.com.

The Blog

The world of Business Intelligence as of today, is damn exciting. The enterprises are moving towards more BI deployments. The vendors are employing more resources to churn out better BI tools and applications. And the extent to which Business Intelligence is playing a quintessential role in business today, excites me as a BI professional. It freaks me out sometimes!!

Ever since I got into the Business Intelligence world, I’ve been eyeballing the BI news sites for updates on BI initiatives and product roll-outs. While there are numerous resources on the net, there is no all-encompassing blog just for Business Intelligence. Business Intelligence bloggers are sometimes too specific to their areas of specialty and the big picture goes missing.

Being a blogger myself for nearly 6 years now, I was hoping to create a niche Business Intelligence Blog for some time. Couple of months back, before this The BI Blog came into existence, I created nextbi.com. And I’ve been playing with the templates to make it simpler. Yeah, Minimalist is the way to go. Finally, I concluded with the name, The Business Intelligence Blog or The BI Blog. Few of my colleagues also agreed that thebiblog.com was much simpler than nextbi.com. In less than 2 hours after the decision, TheBiBlog.com was bought, I hosted WordPress and kick-started the blog. Just to show, how easy it is to setup a blog. The tough part is to to keep it going.

Professionally I’ve been working on BI for nearly 7 years now (hey, its 2006 when I’m writing this). I’ve implemented Business Intelligence for enterprises and worked with some very interesting analytics. Right from designing BI systems to deploying and maintaining them, its always been a pleasure to work although the volume of data out there, still ready to be analyzed is just baffling. Oh!! Yeah, let me state the obvious, this blog has nothing to do with my employer or any of their clients. Whatever that’s written here are my personal opinions and comments.

This BI blog has a very simple motive. It’s just a BI guy’s enthusiasm to chronicle the exciting period of Business Intelligence technology, as it stands today. So hop on and let’s attempt to blog the next big stride of Business Intelligence.

- Guru
A rainy seattle day, June 2006

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  2. Noel Coburn

    Hi Guru,

    My client has developed what I believe is a breakthrough BI reporting tool for SQL and other relational data sources as well as OLAP. It targets the USA market. The software is known as RSVP – Reporting Software for Visualization and Performance.

    It is wizard-driven and promises to dramatically cut the cost and time taken to develop enterprise class BI reports. It also promises to actually draw in increased numbers of regular business users with a choice of three very attactive report user interfaces that are a pleasure to use. It’s available as a free download from my client’s website http://www.intelligencebusiness.com .

    I would be very grateful if you found time to download RSVP from http://www.intelligencebusiness.com and let us know what you think of it.

    Many thanks, Noel.

  3. Steve Raack

    Guru – hope this e-mail finds you doing well and having enjoyed the holiday season. I enjoy reading your posts and wanted to introduce you to our company. We know you must get tons of e-mails from folks hoping you’d research and potentially write about their company. To be honest, that would be our long-term hope as well. For now, however, we would like to start a relationship with you and provide you a bit about our company and SaaS solution, which is targeted to help the Offices of the CEO, CFO and COO.

    We differentiate ourselves as we’ve integrated a powerful and proven business optimization methodology into our BI/analytics architecture so implementation is immediate, required data is easy to gather and insight is unmatched by any other solutions in our space. The insight leads to SG&A optimization, improved cost control, better alignment of internal investments in growth areas, etc.

    Below are two links that will give you some additional details. If interested, please take a look and let me know if you have any questions, comments or feedback. All the best for a great 2010.




  4. Niels van der Kaaij

    Hi Guru,

    Why is it that QlikView is NOT mentioned in your blog as a BI vendor? I stumbled on your blog hoping to read how end users and developers experience QlikView. But nothing there! And we have been there since 1993 and gained some attention from competition and Gartner.

    I hope to read a bit more the next time I log in here.

    just in case: http://www.QlikView.com ;-)


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  6. Venkatesh R

    Dear Guru,
    Greetings, I am very glad to write this mail. For my long searching, i catch your nomenclature blog especially in BI. Introduce myself, i am Venkatesh a Research Scholar in Dept.of Computer Science at madurai Kamraj University, Madurai, TN, India. I go through your profile in the blog and i hope you are the right person to help me.

    This is my beginning stage of research . I want to pursuit the research in Business Intelligence and i well known in Hyperion Essbase ( Not an Industrial Experience). Further i extended my research in BI also.

    So , please to help me at which part is most suitable for research from BI. I knew that you have been encountered some problem during your work. Please to suggest me.

    Please to reply, Thanks a lot.

    By ,
    R. Venkatesh

  7. agi

    Hey Guru,

    I was following your blog for several months, hopefully you will continue. Now it would be great to get your opinion to the following:

    If you were CEO of Twitter, which information would you like to see on your dashboard every morning? What is essential, for example turnover, customers, what would you like to be filtered out of which blogs/forums/newspages?

    Thank you!!!

  8. Senthil Nathan R

    Dear Guru,
    I have been going through your blog for sometime now and find it very resourceful . I am Senthil Nathan R.from ABIBA Systems , A telecom BI & Analytics company with a product focus. We would like to you to evaluate our products and let us know your feedback.

    Thanks & Regards,

  9. Carolina

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  10. Jarvis Plourd

    I don’t even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was great. I don’t know who you are but definitely you are going to a famous blogger should you aren’t already ;) Cheers!

  11. Liz


    I was wondering if you ever accept guest bloggers on your site?

    Olivia Parr Rud is a great Business Intelligence Expert.


  12. Riaz Ahmed


    My name is Riaz Ahmed and I’m an IT Professional. I’ve written a book on Oracle Busiess Intelligence (OBIEE) titled Implement Oracle Business Intelligence (Volume 1) and is available on Amazon and all major retail stores.

    I’d be grateful to see a small intro of this book on your blog.


    Thanks and regards

  13. Vincent Tran

    It’s very interesting that your blog focuses on BI and Cloud Computing. These are the two fastest growing sectors of IT and this information is very valuable. We’d be honored if you took a quick look at what we’re doing here in Texas, with regards to our Matrix for Business analytics platform, and our ‘Above the OS’ managed cloud offerings. Let us know if we’re on the right track.

  14. G. Aleksieva

    Namaste, Guru S Kirthigavasan,

    My name is Gergana Aleksieva and I would like you to give me your opinion about the products of one BI software developer. I am talking about the BI Companion and BI Portal of Entsoftsol (www.entsoftsol.com).

    Thank you in advance!

  15. Jonah Randal

    Hi Guru,

    You have a great blog, do you recommend vendors? Do you have open forums for choosing the right solution for each business?

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